Ask your MP to ensure legislation to ban the import and sale of real fur and foie gras is not dropped

raccoon dog

Recent newspaper reports say that the government is planning to drop their proposed plans to ban the import of fur and foie gras.

When the Action Plan for Animal Welfare was launched in May 2021, Defra stated ‘We have a proud history of championing and taking action on animal welfare in this country. Yet there is more we can and want to do.’ It indicated that a ban on the import and sale of fur and foie gras was being considered. 

The degree of cruelty involved in the production of foie gras and fur is both appalling and widely known. This is why the production of both of fur and foie gras are banned in the UK. Please ask your MP to support the proposed ban and to ask the government to not drop this legislation.

Thank you.

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