Ask your MP to urge the BHA to finally ban the whip in horseracing

horses being whipped in a race

After years of campaigning and public opposition - the horse racing industry are finally due to publish the findings of the Whip Consultation Steering Group. This body was formed to assess the responses to the public consultation on the whip and to propose any recommendations that may go before the British Horse racing Association (BHA) Board.

While we hope the BHA take the action that the public have been demanding for years, and ban the use of the whip in racing, we recognise this won’t happen without a push. Even though we have been campaigning for a ban on the whip for years, we now have a real opportunity to make change. It’s time to give the BHA a big push to do the right thing and ban the use of the whip.

Use our template to write to your MP, urging them to reach out to the BHA expressing the will of their constituents to ban the use of the whip in racing.

It’s always more effective to put together your own letter, but we’ve put together a template to help you. If you need any help with this, please email [email protected]

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