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Ask Lidl to #MarkItVegan!

There are now more than half a million vegans in the UK, and the range and quality of vegan food has never been better. Many major food companies and restaurant chains have responded to the rising popularity of veganism by clearly labelling plant-based options.

Since Animal Aid launched our #MarkItVegan campaign, supermarket giants including Tesco, Aldi, Asda, Morrisons, Iceland and Waitrose have all committed to clearly labelling their own-brand vegan products.

Now Lidl is the only major UK supermarket not to have committed to clearly and consistently labelling their own-brand vegan products.

Please sign the #MarkItVegan petition below to call on Lidl to follow suit and #MarkItVegan!

Christian Härtnagel, Managing Director, Lidl

Demand for vegan products is growing rapidly as more people seek to avoid animal suffering, reduce their environmental impact and improve their health. A recent poll found that the number of vegans in the UK has grown by more than 350 per cent in the last ten years.

I understand that your supermarket stocks a wide range of products that contain no animal-derived ingredients, which is wonderful, but by failing to label all of these, you make it difficult for vegans to identify them in-store.

Therefore, I urge you to clearly identify all of your own-brand products that are suitable for vegans with a label printed on the packaging. Please aim to complete this within the next 12 months.

Like everyone else, vegans want to shop with confidence. Clear labelling – like that already enjoyed by vegetarians – would help vegans to do this and would also help to make your stores more attractive to members of this rapidly growing group.

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