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Nude Mouse CC BY-NC 2.0 Daniel ParksAnimal Aid has previously revealed CRUK’s financial support for animal research. Our latest exposé highlights how researchers who acknowledged ‘generous financial support’ from CRUK, conducted cruel and outdated experiments on a number of nude mice, in order to give them bone cancer.  The animals, some 6 weeks old and others 16 weeks old, had cancer cells injected into their hearts. The male mice received prostate cancer cells and the female mice received breast cancer cells. These cells were made to glow so that tumour growth could be identified while the animals were alive. The animals were killed at various times after the injection into their hearts.

The type of mice subjected to these procedures have been described in another paper as having many health problems such as heart problems and eye problems – including where the edges of the eyelids become inflamed and where abscesses form around the eyes. These poor animals also suffer from age-related hearing loss.

Please contact Sir Harpal Kumar, Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK, to object to the disturbing experiments that it is has supported.

Cancer Research UK

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