The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) boasts it is ‘one of the top three veterinary schools in the world’. However, using the Freedom of Information Act, Animal Aid has obtained reports that detail numerous blunders and poor practice, including: beagle puppies being put down after suffering severe injuries that resulted from an attack by an adult dog; guinea pigs euthanased because of ‘simple wound breakdown; and a sheep dying on the operating table because her pre-surgery food intake had not been controlled properly, she had not been positioned correctly on the operating table and there had been a lack of adequate monitoring during anaesthesia. Another report provides details of a pregnant ewe, who was mistakenly used for an experiment – an error that led to her lamb being culled.

Inadequate facilities also seem to be the cause of ‘unhappy ponies’ kept for teaching purposes. Similarly, we read of dogs ‘having a lack of stimulation, especially at weekends’ due to them being housed in the upper floor of a building.

One document explains that RVC staff who treat clinical patients ‘will want to know why we are involved in harming animals from the same species’. It is not only RVC staff who want an explanation for this practice; so do thousands of members of the public who have already contacted the College, to voice their concern. Please contact Professor Stuart Reid, Principal of the RVC, and ask him to stop the College’s research programme and to rehome all the animals held there.

Please contact Professor Stuart Reid, Principal, Royal Veterinary College, to voice your concern.

The Royal Veterinary College

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