Wild boar need your help!

Help stop the cull of wild boar on the Stourhead Estate in Wiltshire.

You may have heard about The National Trust’s shocking plan to cull a group of wild boar on their land.  Born Free, HSI UK, IFAW, PETA and Viva! have all joined Animal Aid in signing a letter to the chairman of the National Trust, calling for an immediate end to the cull plans. 

Update: On Friday 15 February Animal Aid met with two representatives from the National Trust to discuss the matter of the wild boar. Even though this dispute is still on-going, some positive news that emerged was that the wild boar are still alive and haven’t been culled as yet. The National Trust do still intend to cull the boar if they are seen in areas of the estate where they are not welcome, but at the moment the boar seem to have removed themselves from the problem area.

Animal Aid recommended a number of measures, focusing on educating the public to safely interact with wildlife, fencing and potential long-term solutions including immunocontraceptives. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in getting any kind of commitment from the National Trust not to cull the wild boar.

We would encourage people to continue to politely voice their personal objections to the cull to the National Trust. Our discussions with the National Trust remain open, and we will continue to suggest humane alternatives and try to have this cull stopped.

Please contact the National Trust, and politely ask them to abandon plans for the cull.

The National Trust

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