Ask your MP to help end warfare experiments on animals

guinea pig

Animal Aid is calling for a ban on the use of animals in warfare experiments.

While it’s not legal to experiment on animals specifically for the development of weapons, thousands of animals are still subjected to warfare related tests. This can involve being exposed to nerve agents, simulated blasts and other terrible fates in order to see what happens to them and to test treatments. The experiments usually end in the animal’s death.

We recently highlighted experiments on guinea pigs who were exposed to a nerve agent called VX. The animals were observed for symptoms including ‘writhing’, ‘gasping’ and ‘no meaningful voluntary movements’. After the experiment, the animals were killed.

Help us consign macabre and sinister warfare experiments on animals to the past, where they belong.

Please ask your MP to sign Early Day Motion 2113 urging the government to ban warfare experiments on animals. Please complete the form below so that we can identify your MP.

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