Help protect grey squirrels!grey squirrel

Thanks to your help Natural England seem to have felt the pressure and have decided to extend existing rescue and release licences until December 2019. This is fantastic news for both rescue organisations and squirrels.

Sadly, grey squirrels are still in danger from plans to revoke licenses to release them due to their ‘non-native’ status. If these plans go ahead, when squirrels are brought to a vet or rescue centre, they will either have to treat them and then keep them in captivity for the rest of their natural life, or euthanise them. Please help stop this!

Please write to Natural England, as they have the power to issue the licences to release rescued grey squirrels back into the wild.

It’s always more effective to put together your own letter, but we’ve put together a template to help you. The more people that email, the more Natural England will feel the pressure and realise that this decision is not in the public interest.

Natural England

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