Ask the Minister to ban game bird cages

On game bird farms across the country, pheasants and partridges are kept in cages. They suffer feather loss, ‘scalping*’ and injuries inflicted by their stressed cage-mates.

They cannot express natural behaviours such as foraging, dustbathing, roosting and flying despite the Code of Practice saying that they must. For many of these birds, the cages are barren in stark breach of the requirements, because the game farmers have found a loophole.

This suffering cannot continue, and we know the Minister is sympathetic to this issue. That is why we are asking you to contact your MP today, and urge him or her to write directly to the relevant Minister.

This is a campaign we can win but we need your help.

(In order for us to identify your MP, and for your MP to know that you are a constituent, you will need to provide your full address. Thank you.)

partridges in a breeding cage

This action is only open to those who live in the UK, as it is directed at Members of Parliament. Thank you for your help.

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(* The birds lunge repeatedly at their cage roofs in a forlorn attempt to escape. The resulting damage to their heads is known as 'scalping'.)