Add your name to our open letter calling for a ban on the use of animals in warfare experiments

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Thank you so much for visiting this page, and for wishing to add your support to our Ministerial letter. 

Now that the Minister has received an initial letter signed by notable individuals, faith-based and animal protection organisations and primate sanctuaries, the next step is for us to demonstrate the strength of public feeling on this issue. Please add your name to show your support, and we will send a list of public signatories to the Minister over the next month or so.

The letter will read:

Dear Lady Williams of Trafford,

We, the undersigned, are extremely troubled by animal experiments in general and warfare experiments in particular. There is something especially dark and disturbing about experiments such as exposing living animals to nerve agents and watching to see if they writhe or gasp; shooting them in the eyes with pellets fired at almost 45 mph; or forcing them to inhale Ebola virus, leaving some animals bleeding from their genitals.

Whilst it is not possible for researchers to conduct  experiments to develop or test offensive weapons, animals can still be exposed to nerve agents, viruses or even shot, in order to develop ‘countermeasures’. An animal's suffering can continue for hours, days or weeks, until they die, or are killed. You may be aware that, in 2018 alone, at Dstl, Porton Down, 1,941 animals were experimented upon for warfare experiments. Whilst this does not place Dstl amongst the most prolific establishments for the number of animals used in experiments, it is chilling to note that in 2018, the proportion of experiments which fell into the most severe category was much higher than average. The highest level of pain, suffering, distress and lasting harm which is allowed is termed ‘severe’. Whilst the national average for ‘severe’ experiments, in 2018, was 4.9%, at Dstl, Porton Down, it was 30.2%.  

Since this letter was drafted, we have received the information that, in 2019, at Dstl, Porton Down, 1500 procedures were conducted. Of these, 599 were severe, which represents 39.9% of the procedures. 

We would therefore respectfully ask you to implement a policy ban, on warfare experiments on animals, immediately.


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