Please ask your local candidates to show compassion for animals


As you will be aware, on the 6th May, the Welsh government elections will be held. These will see 60 members being elected to Senedd Cymru.

It is so important to let all the candidates know how highly you value animals and their well-being, and how you expect these values to be reflected in those for whom you vote.

Animal Aid has five election ‘asks’ which we’d like you, and all the candidates to support:

  • A ban on cages for all game birds
  • A halt to large-scale intensive farming units being given approval
  • A ban on snares
  • Mandatory CCTV in all slaughterhouses
  • Make daily plant-based food mandatory for all public sector menus

Please take a moment to contact your candidates to urge them to support these important initiatives.

Thank you very much.

This action is only open to those who live in Wales, as it is directed at Senedd election candidates. Thank you for your help.

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